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Real Success in the Freelance Market

Work in the freelance world is growing with giant steps, and this did not arise from the pandemic. For many years now, many professionals have decided to offer their services independently, through the internet for clients in their country and abroad. The truth is that not everyone (and I would dare say nobody) leaves university.

Meet the Shift Team: Anto Speroni

Today we’ll meet one of Shift’s founders: Anto! Anto is a sworn national translator of English who graduated from UNC. She specializes in social sciences, defense, and international organizations. She also works on the sworn translations we receive. She is the most organized, the one who keeps all files in place and who knows where.

Meet the Shift Team

We are starting a new section on our blog! We are going to introduce you to our dream team, this amazing team that is Shift Languages and, also, all the people who help us make our business a reality: OUR #SHIFTEAM.

Meet the Shift Team: Juli Olivero

Today we’ll meet Shift’s other co-founder: Juli! Juli is a sworn national translator of English, graduated from the National University of Córdoba. Juli works with English, Spanish and Portuguese, and specializes in the translation of medical, technical and IT texts. She is the one who works on the transcription and subtitling projects that we receive..