Today we’ll meet Shift’s other co-founder: Juli!

Juli is a sworn national translator of English, graduated from the National University of Córdoba. Juli works with English, Spanish and Portuguese, and specializes in the translation of medical, technical and IT texts. She is the one who works on the transcription and subtitling projects that we receive.

Juli is the technical and logical mind of the team, and the person who created our web page. Also, she always has great ideas to preparar our pictures and posts to make them look beautiful.

She is passionate about learning new languages, music and reading, which, combined with her constant trips, result in a suitcase filled with novels, dictionaries and a travelling guitar — which has travelled nearly as many kilometres as Juli.

She is always eager to learn, to meet new people and to grow and be the best version of herself in every aspect of her life. Those of us who know her, know that it’s always a great idea to invite her to watch a good movie, eat something good and share time with friends.