The Dream Team

A team of committed young professionals and friends who strive to provide the best services possible. Shift Languages is a linguistic services company established in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, that seeks to provide different language services and proposals. Our working languages are Spanish, English and Portuguese, and we plan on including other languages soon.


To bring the world closer one word at a time, removing obstacles, so that knowledge and information have no limits.


To establish ourselves as a company commited to a high-quality service, a close relationship with clients and associates, and corporate social responsibility.


Integrity | Care for people | Leadership | Value creation | Excellence | Client centered approach

Our Team

Colleagues, friends and business partners.

Julieta Olivero

English, Portuguese and Spanish
Julieta Olivero is a sworn translator of English and Spanish (National University of Córdoba) and translator of Portuguese. She specializes in new technologies, mechanics and IT. She has also participated in subtitling and transcription projects with technical videos, and translation projects related to medical texts. She works as a freelance translator for clients in Argentina and neighbouring countries, and she has had the chance of working on projects in different areas.

In addition, she has worked as a teacher of English and Spanish as a foreign language. She mainly works with four-year-old children, but she also has experience in teaching English lessons to employees of important Brazilian companies.

She is interested in entrepreneurship and the business world. She dedicates a lot of her time to training and networking with other entrepreneurs.
In her free time, she enjoys her favourite art forms: music and literature. It is always a good time to listen to a record, play the guitar, read a new book, or get inspired and write.

Antonella Speroni

English and Spanish
Antonella Speroni is a sworn translator of English and Spanish (National University of Córdoba) and is registered with the Professional Association of Sworn Translators of the Province of Córdoba.

Over the last five years, she has worked as a teacher of English in different educational institutions, both private and public, and she has worked with teenage and adult students in different levels.

As a translator, she works with clients both in Argentina and abroad, mainly in the areas of defense, international organizations (such as UN bodies), education, social services and healthcare. She is interested in international relations and current global affairs, and she has completed a certification in the analysis of international politics (Córdoba Global), among other related activities.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and watching TV shows and movies. She loves reading, too, and is a fan of the fantasy genre.

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